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SEasonal guide

If you want to make positive changes and improve the quality of your life. Having this guide in your possession is the beginning of your new journey.  This Guide offers you a step-by-step plan for an ideal life and personal development.

The topics in your Guide have been carefully selected and researched. They stimulate your personal development, health, success and happiness, and many more. Furthermore, your Seasonal Guide also contains cheat sheets about yourself, facts and “friendly reminders” to always carry with you. You may use this information for yourself or share with other women in your area.

Seasonal Guide Productfoto. Alles in een gids voor vrouwen. Planner & Zelfhulpboek.

Personal growth

The tree of life symbolizes wisdom, protection, abundance, beauty, redemption, personal growth, development, strength and balance in your life.

The three main elements of the tree: the roots, the trunk and the branches are parallel to the human development of the BODY, MIND & SOUL.

These are the 3 most important elements that influence the functioning of a person. Whatever season of the year it is, your Body, Mind and Soul want to be cherished.

my story

My goal for writing this workbook is to help women through the various changes in their lives. I have personally experienced many difficulties in various stages of my life. I didn’t ask the right questions, didn’t know where to look for the answers to solve the problems at the time, and didn’t have the right knowledge or information.

I quickly came to the conclusion that with everything in my life I was settling for less: work, social connections, goals, ambitions, self-love and so on. During this period I found out that with all the research and knowledge I created many collectibles: 50 notes, 2 self-help books that I carried around everywhere, 3 planners, 2 diaries, several logs, and notebooks (to write down my goals). This provided me with a revelation.

The design and release of a life book that really contains everything. All important topics that were valuable for my personal development, mental and physical health. Information to maintain more control through planning logbooks, self-evaluation forms and self-therapy (journaling). 

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