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How to create your own to-do list system

How to create your own to-do list system. 

The Seasonal Guide offers you a month plan, weekplan and the daily plan. You can use the weekplanner to write down your appointments for the upcoming week. 

These appointments are the ‘solid’ things on your planning  which have deadlines. Appointments with clients, personal appointments, birthdays, events, these are all dates which are settled at a certain time and place with someone else. 

The next is your day planning. Morning, afternoon and evening plan. These include the solid appointments and your routines. You created your holy routines in your Seasonal Guide. Now we have all the little tasks that come adding on every day. Depending on your lifestyle: Student life, working life, mom life etc. These lifestyle tasks can be: House Tasks, Homework, Assignments, Daily work tasks, tasks for children, and all the other tasks that evolve during the day. 

Now the magic happens when you have a solid Day plan and the everyday to do tasks on two separate lists. Dividing the tasks in subjects:

  • Big/Most important 
  • Small/Less Important tasks. 

The art in planning a stress free life is letting the things go that you wrote down in the LIST. Whether it is planned in the weekplanner or the daily task list, it should clear your mind and ease your stress about the item. It has a time and place, so you can let it go.

For instance I personally get really annoyed when things get messy around the house. When I just had my new apartment, I started my morning with cleaning the whole house, again in the afternoon and evening. It became a little obsession and after a while I saw I got irritated when the house was a little messier than the normal standard. I then started implementing a cleaning day and just a quick morning tidy up ritual. This resulted in a huge comfort and more free time to do other important tasks. If you live in a house it is bound to get messy once in a while, and that is okay. I needed to accept this mindset in order to be more productive during the day.  


The last thing to do with the Daily plan, Important Tasks & Less Important tasks is to create a time management schedule. Step two is dividing the lists in time. Small tasks take you less time and the small tasks are often tasks that can be combined.

For example: The House Tasks = laundry, vacuuming, taking out the trash, and washing the dishes. This can be marked in your daily plan as House chores and on the task list you write them all down. Now figure out where in the day you have an hour to do the House tasks. 

People often make a small mistake where they do all the big ones first and the small after. This sets you up for failure. Because after the big ones, you will get tired and the laundry and ‘’no deadline’’ tasks will be pushed to the next day. Doing this a few times a week is certainly no problem,  BUT doing this all week gives you a messy start in the next and  new week. The task piles literally stack up and psychologically this will get you in that slump where you just say whatever i lost control and it is what it is. Therefor, create your own personal To Do List System. 

Book Tip / Inspiration:

#Getting things done / David Allen. 

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