Seasonal Guide | EN


Be your own Life coach and create your dream life with this all-in-one life book!

This all-in-one life book will help you practice gratitude and self-care, improve your personal development, and bring you many more benefits.

  • It helps you increase your productivity by dividing your day into 3 parts. Morning, noon and evening.
  • Feel some self-love by scheduling time for daily self-care
  • Feel blessed by your daily gratitude practice
  • Get inspired by setting your seasonal goals and scheduling your tasks
  • Gain knowledge by reading the chapters.
  • Find happiness with the self-improvement exercises.
  • Feel appreciation for the progress you’ve made at the end of each season through the Wheel of Life Reflection Pages.
  • Release a sense of overwhelm by keeping a journal.

Page spreads:

  • Annual calendar and target distribution.
  • Map and travel destinations.
  • 4 Season Goal Sheets.
  • Wheel of Life Evaluation.
  • 12 Read and practice chapters.
  • Monthly calendar, gratitude sheets and habit trackers.
  • Weekly planner.
  • Inspirational quotes pages

Seasonal Guide Features:

  • Undated – starts anytime
  • Lasts 12 months / 1 year.
  • 120 grams Paper
  • A5 size
  • Vegan Litchi Grain Leather
  • Cardholders and extra pockets.
  • Black or nude cover.
  • Includes 4 diaries for each season.

Black, Nude


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