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Are you in need for a moment to relax?

Relax momentje voor jezelf! Do you need a Relax moment?

Do not let the everyday tasks and stress overwhelm you. Even when you’re busy, if you feel the need to relax there are ways to make room for a moment to yourself. Take the time to re-charge and come out relaxed!


Choose music with a continuous rhythm if you want to relax. Scientists have investigated the effect of music on the stress level through research. The reason people relax with soothing music is because your heart rhythm adjusts to a rhythm. So if you listen to quiet music, this can cause your heart rhythm to drop. Perfect if you have increased your heart rate intensely after 6 coffees!


When you are drawing or coloring, you set your mind to zero and all your attention is focused on what you are doing at that moment. This is not complicated at all, but it does require your full attention. This makes it easy for you to relax and to park all stressful thoughts in the back of your brain.


It’s no good for stuffing your entire day with tasks and appointments. You are not supposed to run from one appointment to another. Not at work, but also not in your private life. It is best to take a break after every appointment or job. This ensures that you can reduce the tension and let it subside. This gives you the opportunity to gain / create new energy. You will see that you will ultimately remain more productive and motivated, unlike RAMBO all DAY.


Take time for your family, friends and partner. It is important and very valuable that you have people around you who care about you. These people assist you in stressful situations and help you to relax again. Sometimes you can no longer see the forest for the trees, but your loved ones can simply provide you with a short and powerful pep talk. This ensures that you get new energy and perspectives.


According to research from the British Psychological Society, the cell phone is a huge stressor! Not so much the device itself, but the fact that we feel like we need to “check” our phone all day long causes stress. The urge to want to stay informed 24/7 about what is happening in our social life. In order to make the most of a moment of rest, it is therefore advisable to temporarily store your mobile phone.

Grab your Seasonal Guide planner or diary and take a writing, reading or dream moment for yourself.

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