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12 Healthy Habits for your BODY, MIND & SOUL.

Selfcare gezonde habits, body, mind and soul.

Healthy habits for your Body, Mind & Soul.  Whatever season of the year it is, your body, mind & soul want to be cherished. Always go back to the basics during times when you feel stressed and powerless. All topics are discussed in detail in the Seasonal Guide.

This is a useful checklist for people who want to analyze and improve their current BMS status.


01 Are you getting enough sleep?
Sleep is probably the last thing you think about during the day. But sleep is very important for a healthy mental and physical state. You often don’t even realize that you have been working too hard for days. (work, school, children, household, etc.)
Starting with a plan to work on a good night’s sleep is a step in the right direction. Start with going to bed early for 1 day and then continue with going to bed early for a week. You will soon notice that you feel better after this week. Furthermore, there are more benefits of adequate sleep: it reduces stress, improves brain activity (concentration, memory & cognitive ability), lowers your blood pressure and increases your immune system.

02 Are you drinking enough water?
Water, like sleep, is an essential requirement for your body. Drinking water during the day promotes brain activity, body activity, energy level and increases a positive mood.

03 Are you eating healthy?
Does your diet consist of unprocessed food (fruits & vegetables) during the day? Nowadays we increasingly eat ready-to-eat or prepackaged foods, this is often because we have less time to prepare healthy meals. I get it! And I often find myself in scenarios where I also choose the easy and unhealthy snacks or meals. So regardless of the fact that it is very understandable, start with small steps.
If you find yourself implementing many adjustments in your Lifestyle, but making little progress in your physical and mental state.
Then start with a new nutrition plan: healthy snacks (fruit & vegetables) and healthy alternatives for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

04 Are you exercising enough?
You should move your body for at least 15 minutes every day. People who have a busy lifestyle often indicate that they want to exercise, but simply don’t have the time. I would therefore like to emphasize that physical exercise is not only healthy, but it also ensures you that you will lose your extra energy. As a result, this promotes a good night’s sleep. It could also be a lack of motivation because you haven’t found the right activity yet. Again, start with small steps: see what you like and enjoy. A big cleaning (at home) with your best dance hits, watch your favorite series and at the same time do some physical exercises, dancing, walking (nature freaks), yoga, cardio and strength training.


05 What activities do you implement for good mental health?
How do you deal with negative emotions and thoughts? Do you have a good outlet to process and release the emotions? You have many ways to control and release your emotions and thoughts. I will discuss 2 types in this blog. 

1. Journal/Write in your (seasonal) diary. Try to write off anything that can keep your head restless. This will make you feel better and calmer after a good writing session. It also ensures that you understand where the core of a problem may lie. And finally, journaling often provides an optimal and effective solution to problems you are currently experiencing.
2. Talk. Do you feel restless or sad? Discuss it with a friend or family member. You will feel relieved immediately.

06 Are your Social media breaks in balance?
It is normal to spend more time on your phone these days. However, to promote your mental health, it is important that you maintain a balance: when to use your phone and when not to? Especially in the morning and evening, it is not advisable to look at disturbing or impressionable images. This ensures that you can unconsciously focus on the first or last images. In the morning this determines the rest of the day and in the evening it determines your night’s rest. If you find yourself in need of more mental peace, take more social media breaks and try to balance it out.

07 Plans, organization & structure.
Everyone has suffered from a total chaos period in his / her life. This is understandable and happens to everyone from time to time. However, it is not healthy for your mental state to live in chaos for an extended period of time. Sometimes it is useful to press a pause button and re-invent a plan for more structure. A reset button is necessary to create new energy and avoid burnout. Do you feel like you are losing control of your life due to chaos? Then take a moment to oversee everything and come up with a new plan for your current lifestyle.

08 Gratitude.
In the Seasonal Guide I have devoted an entire chapter to this. That’s how important and effective this is! Gratitude is necessary to be able to put your life into perspective and to view it more positively. Otherwise you will soon get the: Grass is greener on the other side feelings or you might feel gloomy about all the things that are currently not going well in your life. By practicing gratitude you keep your perspective positive about your life!


09 Meditation or Mindfulness?
Work on a relationship with your inner self. The most common tactics to promote this relationship are meditation or mindfulness practice. You can calm yourself down through meditation. With mindfulness you can focus on the now. It is normal to sometimes get stuck in the past or in the future plans. However, this makes us forget that we are living in the present.

10 Social connections.
People are social beings and therefore often need to have social connections. If you are currently feeling lonely or stressed. Then it might be time to see if you have real and positive relationships in your life. In the Seasonal Guide | Summer | Social Connections chapter you will find an extensive explanation and worksheet about positive and negative social connections.

11 Do you have any creative hobbies?
How many hobbies do you currently have where you can express yourself creatively? The moment you are creating something, you ensure that you stimulate your brain to listen more to your intuition. It also ensures that you can get into a concentration mode: flow. This is a concentration skill that people have when they forget the time and can fully immerse themselves in an activity. It can be an activity with: music, writing, reading, drawing, singing, dancing and so on.

12 Self-love and Self-care.
Treating, respecting and loving yourself better starts with self-love. All the above points are carried out with care and motivation when you start with Self Love. See yourself as a priority and treat yourself that way. Take care of your Body, Mind & Soul, because only you can do this optimally


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